freeze plug size??

My shop manual has seen fit to go into hiding.
What size are the freeze plugs on a 259 engine??
I have a 259 out of a 1960 something Stude, that has been sitting for a while. It is a partial flow enginf, with the 4 bolts holding down the thermostat cover.
I have to fabricate a engine stand so I can work on it, but in the meantime, I can try to locate parts for it. Starting with the freeze plugs. I also need a gasket set for the engine. Who has the best prices??
jim in Tulsa.
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Freeze plugs, expansion plugs, casting plugs, or whatever you want to call them are different for different engines. Brass plugs for the Stude V8 in 1962-64 with full flow oil filter blocks take a "cup" type plug, P/N 1550386. The 1951-61 and 1962 blocks without full flow filters take a "disc" type plug, P/N 1539038. This "disc" type plug also fits 1934-62 Commanders, Presidents, 6, 8, and V8, and 1939-60 Champ[ion]s. For some reason, there are different size plugs for the 1961-64 6-cylinder Champ engines. The ones that take a l 1/2" are the same as the 1962 '64 V8's. The other is a 1 7/8" with P/N 1550433 and is listed for 1939-64 Champs. This all may sound confusing and, if not, we could throw in the rear plug at the back end of the camshaft. For instance, the 1951-62 V8's use a 1 1/2 "disc@ (same as the three on each side of the water jackets on the side of the block) and the 1962-64 also takes a l 1/2", but is a "shallow cup" and is steel instead of brass. The 1939-58 Champ[ion] takes a l 3/4" steel "cup" and the 1959-64 takes a 149/64" steel "shallow cup." If you're still not confused, consider the oil gallery at the left end of the V8 block that takes a 1 1/4" plug. Again, the 1962-64 takes a "cup" and the earlier V8's take a "disc" type. Both of these are steel. In reality, any of the brass could be steel and vice versa.- just that the brass will last longer by resisting rust The main thing is to use the correct "cup" or "disc" (and size, of course) for your engine. The recess is deeper on the late models and trouble comes when you try to use the "cup" type on the earlier models that take the "disc". The "cup" may pop out as they will not go in as far as they do on the late models. Thanks to TED HARBIT for this information that was found in the June 1999 issue of the BRICKYARD BULLETIN, Dale McPhearson, editor
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