93 Wrx total loss of power

Hi I have a 93 Wrx I was driving the other day just taken off from an intersection and heard a big wooosh noise loder than a Bov I then lost all power even at high revs the car did not want to move when I had a look at the engine today there was smoke coming from around the turbo area and out of the Exhaust. any Ideas or help would be a great help!
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Sounds like a combination of problems and a chain reaction. Given the fact that the engine is still running, the first choice would be a failure somewhere in the drivetrain, but when the clutch on my 2004 WRX disintegrated it came with a boom not a whoosh. However, I don't know what could decouple the engine from the transmission so silently, but when it did the engine suddenly over-revved and likely blew out a seal between the exhaust manifold and the turbo, hence the smoke. Never seen a '93 up close. Subaru kept us out of the loop here in the states for way too long.
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