Where are the Subaru Archives...?

My wife has a 1995 Legacy LSI with about 105K Miles. And it needs to have
the temperature control Lamp replaced. I have seen the procedures listed
here, but do not know how to check the archives.
SO my real questions are: 1. Where are the Archives? 2. How do you change
out this lamp and what is the part number or lamp info?
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Bill Pelka
There are no "archives", this is Usenet, not a web forum. (Though you may be accessing this group through a web forum...)
Start here to get older stuff your news server does not have:
formatting link

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Sparky Polastri
Thanks Sparky,
I found Russ's Subie Page at
formatting link
and it tells all. Nowall I have to do is get the bulbs and "Get 'er done". Thanks, Bill
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Bill Pelka
I should try that: my bulbs work about 20% of the time, usually when the car just starts up, or for about 5 seconds after I pound on the dash.
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Dominic Richens

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