Belt dressing, pros and cons?

What are the pros and cons, if any, to applying the spray-on belt
dressings to a multi-vee belt? Does it get rid of a squeal? What is the
liquid in the can, and how is it supposed to work?
Lookinfor Bobsyour Uncle
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Micheal C. Jordan
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Stay away from belt dressing. It will not cure your squeal and the cleanup required to remove it is a royal PAIN!! Fix the problem. Usually a bad idler or tensioner are the problem. The steel pulleys are rarely the problem.
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golden oldie
It's a vegetable oil, and it's supposed to make your belt more sticky.
It works sort of, to get a little more life out of a belt that is failing. If it's squealing, and it's properly tensioned, the belt dressing may help you get a few more months out of it before you have to change it. --scott
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Scott Dorsey
The only belt dressing I've found that works is using a candle - hold it up against the running belt to coat it. Yes, it's dangerous, and yes it only works some of the time, and yes if it's a serpentine belt you'll have to do both sides, but yes, it's cheap to try.
Squealing belt = adjusted wrong, glazed, or you need to try a different brand. My Fiero would squeal with anything but the Canadian Tire house brand.
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Pros: None
Cons: Doesn't work. Makes a mess and is very hard to clean off
Not ussually
What is the
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Just used belt conditioner on my mower deck belt. Belt popped off once and on a subsequent restart 20 minutes later the belt tore in two. Belt conditioner is great if you are selling belts otherwise avoid it. If there is an alignment, bearing, pulley or idler pulley issue this stuff will do no good and possibly make things worse.
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