Electrical Problem with 98 Mazda Protege

When I turn off my car, all power is lost - door locks won't work -
lose radio station settings, clock setting etc, and the car won't
restart. It will restart sometimes after a few seconds, and sometimes
after a few minutes. This doesn't happen every time but maybe once
every couple of dozen times. I have taken it to my mechanic (not
dealer) who can not identify the problem. Problem coincides roughly
with installation of a new battery. Any ideas?
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I would check the tightness/cleanliness of the battery cable connections before commencing to pull your hair out.
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Nate Nagel
Almost sounds like a bad ignition switch
Double check wires near the battery. If you have a harness of wires that attach to the battery cable check those for being loose/bad etc.
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Sounds very much like an ignition switch problem, but the meter and the wiring diagram will tell you for sure. --scott
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Scott Dorsey

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