Infiniti Q45 windshield washer nozzle clog (remove & repair & replace)

My 1990 Q45 windshield washer 2-jet nozzles constantly clog.
Before I begin dissassembly, I'd like to ask the re-engineering preventive-repair question:
Q: Does widening the jets work[/color] as a preventive repair?
I have not found anyone who tried that approach (yet).
The first place I looked was the 1990 Infiniti Q45 factory shop manual (FSM). Other than minor, not very helpful, owners-manual-style wording on the washers on pages MA-7 and MA-8, the closest I can find in the FSM is a short reference on page EL-89 titled "Washer Nozzle Adjustment" solely related to adjusting the stream of washer fluid.
The FSM merely states on this page (verbatim): - Using Tool J36126, adjust windshield washer nozzle to correct its spray pattern. - Before attempting to turn the nozzle, gently tap the end of Tool to free the nozzle. - This will prevent "rounding out" the small female square in the center of the nozzle.
Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there is nothing in the FSM regarding how to periodically unclog (or prevent future clogs) the Q45 windshield washer nozzle.
The only other related references, I can find in the FSM, are the front wiper and washer wiring diagram on FSM page EL-86; and a description of how to remove the windshield at FSM page BF-150.
Searching NICO (, I find: [*]NICO Forums > Online Mechanic > Infiniti Online Mechanic > Blockage in Windshield Washer Sprayer [*]NICO Forums > Car Specific > 240SX and Silvia (200SX) > Technical > Windshield washer nozzle clogged? [*]NICO Forums > Car Specific > 240SX and Silvia (200SX) > Technical > wiper do not sprinkle any water
Basic NICO suggestions seem to periodically unclog, i.e.: [*]Periodically unclog with a toothpick [*]Periodically unclog with a wire [*]Periodically unclog with a pin [*]Periodically unclog with a tac [*]Periodically unclog with a needle [*]Periodically unclog with a Craftsman dentist pic [*]Periodically unclog with a syringe (sans needle) [*]Periodically unclog with an air compressor
A basic GOOGLE web search ( finds many articles, e.g.: [*] [*]
A basic GOOGLE GROUP ( search finds certain cars most affected: [*] > 1992-03-16 > clogged windshield washer [*] > 2002-12-08 > Replacing a windshield washer nozzle w/ one that SPRAYS RIGHT [*] > 2000/02/04 > Windshield Washer [*] > 2000/01/21 > Maxima windshield washer nozzle upgradeable? [*] > 1998/05/28 > anybody had trouble with thier wiperfluid sprayer plugged [*] > 2003-01-09 > 740 windshield fluid nozzles clogged, AGAIN? [*] > 1999/01/26 > Dribbling washer fluid [*] > 1999/11/24 > Windshield washer won't
Additional GOOGLE unclogging answers (over that of NICO) seem to be: [*]Unclog by placing in an ultrasonic-cleaner with vinegar & drops of dishwasher liquid for 10 minutes each side then rinse & spray with teflon oil before putting the nozzle back in the hood. [*]Unclog with a heated pin (to remove ice clogs) [*]Unclog with a bent common office staple (just the right size) [*]Unclog with a hatpin [*]Unclog with a twist tie from a breadbag or garbage bag [*]Unclog with a paper clip or jeweler's screwdriver (way too big for most) [*]Unclog with a reverse flush with a garden hose (two or three minutes) [*]Unclog by operating the washer in reverse (tube over output of washer nozzle) [*]Unclog by squirting a soapy solution thru the nozzles [*]Unclog by replacing with new nozzles (mostly Infiniti & Nissan) [*]Prevent by not waxing the nozzles when you wax the car [*]Prevent by adding a clear plastic in-line gasoline filter to the washer hoses [*]Prevent using Volvo 850 in-line washer fluid filter part number 3538564-0 [*]Prevent by adding a washer fluid filter from ITD (claims to end clogs forever) [*]Prevent by adding a lawn-mower gas filter as your washer fluid filter [*]Prevent by flushing out & cleaning the washer fluid reservoir [*]Prevent by using an algacide to clear out algae in the fluid [*]Diagnose by checking hoses for kinks, pinholes, clogs, or disconnections [*]Diagnose by checking fluid levels, the pump, the wiring, and the switches [*]Diagnose by checking the check valve in the piping the pump & the jets
Of these suggestions, the only preventives seem to be to use certain washer fluids (and algacides); and to add an in-line washer fluid filter.
The specific list of afflicted autos (from GOOGLE posts) seems to be: [*]1990 Infiniti Q45 [*]xxxx Infiniti G20 [*]1998 Nissan Altima [*]1989 Nissan Maxima [*]1991 Nissan Maxima [*]1995 Nissan Maxima [*]2000 Nissan Maxima [*]1986 Toyota Celica GT [*]1990 Toyota Corolla [*]1987 Volvo 740 [*]1988 Volvo 740 [*]xxxx Volvo 760 [*]xxxx Volvo 940T Wagon [*]1994 Saturn SL1 [*]1992 Saturn SL2
I suspect an engineering flaw since the auto list is so spartan. Luckily, engineering flaws can be 'fixed'. Before I begin dissassembly, I'd like to ask the question:
Other than installing an inline washer fluid filter, & special fluids ... Q: Are there any other known agreed working preventive repair procedures (e.g., widening the nozzle jets)?
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Alora Duncan wrote:

I wouldn't..

That's what I'd do, add a filter (no special fluid needed) or clean the tank out. After 14 years, it's gotten some trash dumped into it. That's not an engineering fault.

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