My 1983 Dodge van.

The drivers front door lock and passenger side door locks are electric Powe
r Locks. The key in the drivers side door lock, most of the time it is hard
to lock and unlock the door. One of my repair manuals diagrams shows two o
r three pull/push rods. Can I remove one of those rods so the key will oper
ate the lock the old fashinoned way? If so, which rod? Inside my Haynes (pa
per manual) Dodge and Plymouth 1971 through 2003 Vans, on page 11-8 (chapte
r 11 body) there are three diagrams of the inside of the door. I don't care
about electric power door locks on my old van. I only want the old fashion
ed mechanical action door lock style.
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can I borrow it?
I used to drive a safari, and had some important work done on it. An apprentice left his crescent wrench inside the drivers door, and every time I went over a bump the doorlocks would cycle a couple of times.
Nils K. Hammer
The kid was happy to get his wrench back.
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Used to be in some auto factories when people took a break or their lunch break, sometimes somebody would forget and leave a soda pop bottle/candy wrapper inside a door, after the inside door panel was installed. Maybe it still happens.
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'forget' ?? I grew up near a Chevrolet assembly plant. Lunch scraps, beer cans and scrawled obscenities were all part of the ongoing unrelenting sabotage, day in, day out all 3 shifts.
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AMuzi (August 11, 2017) Leaving water bottles in your car can be a fire hazard. Bottle full of water acts like a magnafying glass in the hot sun, can set the upholstery or paper or plastic on fire.
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