Re: 1995 Toyota Camry: unlocking the radio on my Toyota Camry

How Unlock 1995 Toyota Camry Radio
The absolute solution! No need to go to dealer. I got the code. If you have a 95 Camry, I have the XLE model, with the radio model 51706 (the
model # can be found in the upper right hand corner of the radio) (I'm not sure if the model of the car makes a difference, but I'm sure the model of the radio does).
Reset instructions as follows:
Radio unlock code input guide Your Toyota radio will not operate once it is removed from the console, making it virtually useless to a thief. The only way to restore power to the radio once it is removed is to enter a six-digit security code unique to your radio. The anti-theft features of your radio operate as follows:
1.If radio displays “HELP” Skip to procedure 1A.
2.(If your radio displays "SEC" you must enter an incorrect 3 digit number until "HELP" is displayed. It makes no difference what the number is, so long as it is the incorrect number. The objective is to put radio into the "HELP" mode. This could take up to 9 times.
3.To enter a three digit code number:
•Press and hold down the (^) “tune up” and #1 preset button at the same time.
•Input the “incorrect” three digit code number, using the radio station preset buttons 1 – 3
•Press and hold scan button. •This could take up to 9 times. •Your radio should now display “HELP”
1.1A. If radio display displays “HELP” use the following to input code.
2. To Input your six or five digit code number use the radio station preset buttons 1 – 3
Example: 1.Your code number is 328448. 2.Press (power and preset buttons 1, 4, 6,) all at the same time. 3.Sec will display. 4.Press and hold down the ( ^ ) “tune UP” and #1 preset button at the same
time. 5.Input your first 3 digits (328) of your code number, using the radio station preset buttons 1 – 3
YOU MUST PRESS EACH BUTTON MORE THAN ONCE!! Example, for 3, PRESS #1--- 3 TIMES and so on. 6.Press and hold down the ( v ) “tune DOWN” and #1 preset button at the same
7.This will allow you to input the next 3-digits of your code (448); again using
the radio station preset buttons 1 – 3. 8.Press and hold scan button. 9.The radio will now “shut down”. You may now power up your radio!
Thanks a million to Toyota of Orange! They treated me amazing, and since it was such a quick fix, they did not charge me a penny. Thank specifically to Shawn in the service department.
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