88 Fox stiff clutch

I just got an 88 Fox, and it has a real stiff clutch. I have checked
the gear oil in the trans, and that's fine. I'm thinking that it's the
clutch cable routing. anyone have any ideas?
Thanks, Gary - snipped-for-privacy@aol.com
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Possibly you need to lube or replace your clutch cable. If that doesn't work I have a method/trick that works well for me but everyone I tell it to thinks that I have lost my mind! 8^) Of course my 83 Audi 4000S probably has the same pressure plate it came with new. I did replace the clutch disc (with a used one) and release bearing (new one) in 1991 at over 145K miles ago when I installed my GTi engine. Audi has about 225K miles on it now.
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