1999 Chevy Venture: fuse panel (opening)

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1999 Chevy Venture LS:
There is a fuse panel on teh side of the glove box compartmment
accessible by swinging open the passenger door.  I am looking at it
and want to open it.  There are no latch mechanism like that u have on
the glove box compartment.  But it appears the plastic door to the
fuse panel is held in place by friction?  So to open it I just have to
yank it hard right?  This wont' break anything right?  TIA

Re: 1999 Chevy Venture: fuse panel (opening)

Joseph wrote:
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We don't have our van anymore, but my memory is that you just give a tug
and that there were plastic nibs holding the thing in.   Look carefully
and you should be able to figure it out.  There isn't a formal latch and
hinge mechanicsm like a glove box has.

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