2002 Maxima SE Speedo Problem

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In Feb. 2004 I had to have my transmission replaced on my 2002 Maxima
SE. I was lucky because I had 52,000 miles on it so it was covered by
the powertrain warranty. Since then I have over 60,000 miles on the
car and the warranty has expired. Well now my speedometer is not
working and a friend suggested the cable of the vehicle speed sensor
which tells the ECU what speed you are going. He said it is connected
to the transmission and it probably is a result of the transmission
swap that was done. I contacted my dealer and they said the speedo
problem and transmission work are not related and if I bring it in I
will have to pay for service. I think this is total BS but I tried
another dealer and they said the same thing. If it is the cable or the
speed sensor how easy are they to replace, repair or whatever. Where
is it located on the 2002 Maxima so I can check to see if it might be
disconnected? I am somewhat mechanically inclined and would like to do
this myself if possible. Is there a manual in .PDF format someone can
send to me helping me with this issue? Thanks in advance.


Ps. this is my first time posting so please email me any responses to

Re: 2002 Maxima SE Speedo Problem
OK so here is where I stand now. I never found a manual or any
documentation on this so I ripped off the airbox and things above the
transmission myself to check all of the sensors thinking one might be
the Speed Sensor. All of them seemed to be fine but when I started the
car back up I got a Service Engine or Check Engine light. Still no
luck on the speedometer problem either. Then I thought to check the
fuse  for the gauges and that was fine. Today when I left my house to
come to work (didn't drive it since Saturday) it started fine and as
soon as I gave it enough gas to pick up speed it started to sputter.
It wouldn't really go above 45mph and if I was driving it and pressed
the gas hard it would just rev between 2000 and 3000 RPMs not
accelerating at all. My friend said this could be a limp mode or
something like that for pulling the gauge cluster fuses. I assume like
a feature so people couldn't bypass the odometer from registering
miles. Any input?

Re: 2002 Maxima SE Speedo Problem
Keith wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Assuming you put everything back together correctly, didn't pull off
or break a harness connector, and have no air leaks, sounds like
you screwed up your MAF. You didn't happen to try and clean it while
you had it apart did you?  Anyway, you can pick up a new MAF sensor
for about $85 (see the parts thread on the Maxima.org forums) or
fork over hundreds to the dealer for the entire MAF assembly.

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