Chevy'S EFLEX drive system

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The E-Flex Drive System - What It Is And How It Works
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concept Volt utilizes the GM-patented E-Flex Propulsion System to bring you an electric drive vehicle that can run on various sources of energy. Itconsists of: a.. Electric drive system b.. Range extender: 53 kW direct engine-mounted generator and 3-cylinder 1.0L Turbocharged, intercooled internal combustion engine c.. Dual (left- and right-side) charge ports d.. Onboard battery pack e.. 12-gallon fuel saddle tank Running Gas-FreeConcept Volt uses an E-Flex Propulsion System to run gasoline-free. A 16 kW hour lithium ion battery connects to a 53 kW direct engine-mounted generator. This powers the electric Traction System which in turn drivesthe wheels.Recharging There are two charge ports: one on each side between the front door and front wheel. To recharge, simply plug Volt into a 110-volt, 15-amp outlet - the same kind you have in your home. It takes about six to six-and-a-half hours to fully recharge. Then you can drive up to 40-miles on pure electricity. Charging As You Go If your battery needs to be charged while driving, the generator willautomatically work with the 1.0L Turbocharged gas engine to begin rechargingthe battery pack when depleted. It all happens seamlessly while you're concentrating on getting to your destination. Quick Charge If you don't have the time to leave Concept Volt plugged in to fully recharge or don't have access to an outlet, the vehicle can also begin to charge itself while in PARK with the engine running. The range-extending engine and generator will do all the work. Using Fuel An onboard 3-cylinder 1.0L Turbocharged, intercooled internal combustion engine allows you to keep driving when your electric battery needs to be recharged. This range extender can be configured to run on gasoline, E85 or biodiesel. The model shown will use gasoline or E85 interchangeably and can hold up to 12 gallons of fuel.Additional Benefits a.. 120-kW electric motor is equivalent to a 160-hp engine b.. Instantaneous torque in electric mode means acceleration faster than traditional torque curve in certain gasoline-powered engines c.. 0-60 in 8 to 8.5 seconds d.. Battery life is about 10 years
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