1986 Fifth Avenue-Cold Start-crank 3 times-Start on 4th try

Simply does not start on the first 3 tries. Starts right up on the 4th try. Starts and runs throughtout the day without problems. Then after sitting all night back to the 4 crank mode.
New plugs and wires, rebuilt carburetor and distributor.
I think it might be the ECM module (Spark Control Computer) but am not sure.
Any input would be appreciated.
Thanks Bob AZ
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Bob AZ
Is that the one that still has the "Lean Burn System"? My mother had one, and had it taken off and replaced the carb with an older model. That Lean Burn System gave her constant problems with OK weather.
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sounds like the fuel in the fuel line is bleeding back to the tank during the night.
check the pressure at the carb. in the morning after it has sat all night,
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if it is the fuel pressure problem, you can just test it by turn on the key, take it off and turn on again. you can do this a couple of times to activate the fuel pump for couple of times before cranking. if the fuel pressure builds up, the car will fire up immediately. if the car starts immediately, you might have leaky fuel pressure regulartor, or weak fuel pump. if the car has carburator maybe some of the jets might be clogged. ps.: I assume this is a fuel injected/throttle body car. if it has carburator, that might be totally different story.
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u c coskun

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