Any good 300m web-forums THAT ARE FREE?

I wanted to ask a question about my 300m and since it's mainly a bunch of crickets here at this point, I thought I'd google for some 300m web-forums (I seem to recall that there was at least one) and I found this:
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But they want a crazy/insane $15 to join (that is so 1990's thinking - did someone tell them the dot-com bubble burst a decade ago?) so I'm wondering if there's a good alternative.
My question is -> there's an intermittent knocking sound coming from the rear-passenger side wheel or wheel-well (that's the best i can localize it while driving). It sounds like someone giving a good whack to an empty coffee can. Seems to happen while driving over uneven pavement. I'd like to know what rear suspension part is likely causing this noise.
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MoPar Man
Yes. I am amazed how light the volume is on this group. It looks like the "heydays" were around the turn of the century. I wonder where everyone went? I especially miss the Chrysler techs that used to frequent this group. They provided valuable info.
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The neat thing about USENET was it was one stop shopping for the topic of your choice.
Today you have to mine a bunch of web forums with varied rules and restrictions for a single topic to sometimes find your answer.
What killed USENET for me was the pounding it took by spammers for an extended period of time.
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Steve Stone
I wonder if maybe the LH cars are so trouble free that there's really not a lot of stuff that people need to talk about, repair-wise.
And yes, I wonder what happened to Glenn (max power) the chrysler tech that used to read this group.
I posted my question to this web-forum:
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And as you can see, it's had 964 views since I posted it on Dec 22, and not a single reply (except for my own reply).
What's really strange when you look at some of the posts there, you've got a post "Help Please" posted on Dec 5 that has 2379 views - and not a single reply. How does that happen? Are they counting views made by robots and search engines?
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MoPar Man
Unfortunately the spammers and trolls eventually chased most folks away.
I thought I'd google for some 300m
If a mere $15 is too much for you, I would suggest opening up your own free 300m website. Server costs, internet access, electricity, backups, and redundancy are all free, now that the "1990's" are over, right? It should be easy sailing with your 2000's expertise.
What do your CV joints look like?
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Greg Houston
If you're seeing spam when you read usenet, then you're using the wrong NNTP server.
I see no spam here in this group...
Lots of people out there operating servers pertaining to different topics - all of them free.
They get their revenue from ad-based crap I suppose.
There are CV joints on the back wheels?
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MoPar Man

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