Champion spark plug gap for '00 300m -> .035 or .050 ???

The plugs that I have in the car now are Bosch Platinum 2, and I *think* I put them in when the car had 60-70k miles on it. The car has 108k miles currently.
So the Bosch have about 45k miles on them.
I bought a set of Champion "Double Platinum Power" 7034 for about $3.50 a plug. They look practically identical to the original plugs the car came with from the factory (Champion RC12PEC5) but the tip or point might be a little more pointed. The Champion plugs have a slightly longer reach than the Bosch - by about 1/4 inch.
I don't have any feeler-guages larger than .035 inch, and the champions seem to have a larger gap - possibly .050.
Has anyone ever gapped these?
Did you use .050?
I don't have any particular reason to replace the Bosch other than age / milage. They have a very different design compared to the traditional Champions, but I really don't know how to tell if they're near the end of their life, or in the middle, etc.
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MoPar Man
what's factory recommended plug gap? I don't recall what I gapped the LHS, but that might different anyway since it was a 1st Gen 3.5, not a 2nd Gen.
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