Dodge Stratus Instrument Cluster Question

The little "squares" that display around the currently selected gear in the instrument cluster, no longer display for "Drive" or "3."
Is it most likely that the LED's are burned out, or can the panel be reset.
If I were to obtain a used cluster from a salvage yard, I wouldn't have to worry about the odometer, since the current mileage is maintained by the BCM.
Am I correct?
Kirk M
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I could be wrong but I think even if you buy a used cluster you'd have to take it to a dealer to have it programmed to work with your car. If all that's wrong is you can't see the D or 3 but the transmission shifts correctly, why worry about "fixing" it. In the "old days" there were no pretty lights on the dash telling you what gear you were in , you just looked at where the selector was in the gate. If your gate isn't labeled, get a Sharpie and label it.
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Ashton Crusher

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