How to change trunk-mounted brake light on 300M ?

The trunk-mounted center brake light on my '00 300M has apparently burned out. This is only the second lamp anywhere on this car that has burned out (the other being a rear fender-mounted brake light).
Will I have to remove the liner from the inside of the trunk lid to get at this lamp?
Or can the bezel/lens be removed from the outside?
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MoPar Man
From the 2002 LH-series Service Manual:
"300M (1) Open hood, disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable. (2) Release decklid latch and open decklid. (3) Remove decklid cover. (4) Disconnect lamp socket(s) from housing.... (5) Remove bulb(s) from socket(s)."
The 2000 model could be different, of course.
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Percival P. Cassidy
Yea, right. As if I'm going to do that. How many lawyers did it take to write that line?
So basically I've got to pull the trunk-lid liner off. Nice.
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MoPar Man

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