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The power window switch that controls my front passenger side window (from the driver's side) on my '02 Stratus has stopped working.
The window still works using the switch on the front passenger side door, and if the window is down, master switch on the driver's door will bring the window up.
Are the individual switches on the driver's side replaceable? Or is it one single master unit that would have to be replaced? Car has a lotta miles and I'm not sure I'd want to spend a pile on repairs.
Also, I know there's a screw in the bottom of the door's hand grip that has to come out to pull the trim off in order to access the switch. I could not seem to dislodge the panel and didn't want to force it. What's the procedure to access the master switches?
Many thanks.
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I believe that the switches are all together in a cluster that must be replaced as a unit. Before you replace the switch, you may wish to spray some electrical contact cleaner into the switch. This worked for me when the switch stopped working on my 1998 Stratus.
If you need another switch, you may wish to try a salvage yard. The 2001 - 2006 did not change much, so the years may interchange. I checked to see if NAPA has one, and they only have one for the left- rear. A new one at the dealer will probably be more than you wish to pay.
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The switch should be replaceable, but if the old one is illuminated, the new one probably will not be. An online Chrysler parts catalog should be able to find the part number.
It is also possible the switch is just dirty and cleaning it (compressed air?) could do the trick. Did the switch get wet, perhaps if it rained with the window down? I would try spraying the hell out of the switch with compressed air before taking anything apart.
I can't help you with the repair procedures because my repair instructions do not show detailed door instructions for the Stratus.
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Greg Houston

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