Whining/grinding noise on PT Cruiser

I've got a problem with my PT Cruiser and thought I'd ask the group here about it.
At about 20 miles an hour I start to hear what sounds like a grinding noise. It starts low in pitch and gets higher as I go faster.
My mechanic was dismissive of the problem and didn't even address it when I last brought the car in (major tuneup.) When I asked later we went for a short ride and he said it was due to shocks and struts deteriorating, that the tires were wearing unevenly and that's what was making the noise. All plausible, but it would cost in the area of $900 for shocks, struts and new tires. I'd do it, but I'd want to be sure I was was addressing the actual problem.
My mechanic doesn't seem to think it's dangerous, but I'm not so sure. The noise is pretty loud inside the car but apparently not outside. At least, in six weeks of this problem no one has turned to look at the car as I go by.
Alignment is good. I've taken the car out of drive and in to neutral at several speeds and the noise doesn't change. Also doesn't change if I hit a bump and I'd think I would get a momentary blip if it were tires. I'm thinking something inside the wheel, perhaps A-Arm or some such.
Any ideas? I plan to check in with my mechanic again this weekend and would like to have some possibilities in mind.
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John Foyt
Shocks and struts deteriorating, wearing unevenly.
Not dangerous??
I think you should get a new mechanic. Get one at:
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Pete E. Kruzer
I was thinking along those lines too. A worn-down bearing might make that noise, or at least so I was thinking.
To add to the mystery, I forgot to add this before: The noise is significantly less when I steer right, even slightly like on a long slow highway curve. Seems barely louder when I steer left but the main difference is from straight ahead to steering right.
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John Foyt
when you were steering to the right, more vehicle weight was going on the LEFT bearing. it might have tightened up some bearing clearances, making it quieter
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