special Rear mirror for Xantia wanted

Hi folks,
I own an '94 Xantia X1 2.0 VSX. Being very tall, I am struggeling to get the car suitable for my length. So I have installed longer seat rails.
What really annoys me is the position of the rear mirror (the one in the middle which is glued to the windscreen). If I sit in my car it is just a little bit below the level of my eyes, which for good allows me to look into the mirror directly. OTOH I am increasingly bothered by the fact that the mirror blocks my view out of the car. The spot where bicycles could appear or pedestriants could enter the crossing - it is covered by the mirror.
A few days ago I saw a mirror in another Xantia (maybe an early X2), which had two joints in the strut, which connects the mirror case with the glued base on the wind screen. This mirror looked as if it would be adjustable in the height. I think such a mirror could solve my problem: Swung to the ceiling of the car, it would allow me a better view to the traffic in front of my car.
Now I have several questions:
Does anybody know, which citroen models used such a mirror? Does anybody know how much such a mirror costs, maybe is one for sale? Can anybody give me some hints how to remove the old mirror and attach the new one?
BTW: I do not want to move my current mirror up to the ceiling, because sometimes my wife drives the car, and it would interfere with the sun visors.
Any help welcome
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