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I'm selling my VC-200 performance computer. Couldn't find any info on it on the 'net so I'll try and describe it by listing what is on the box. This is a box that mounts on the windshield or side glass with suction cups. Power comes from cigar lighter outlet. No connections to drive train required. An internal accelerometer and computer do all the calculations. Here's how the box describes it's features.
Specifications: Nominal 5G dynamic range .01 second resolution Dimensions: 9-1/4"wide x 2-1/8" hi x 4-1/2" deep. Requirements: 12v negative gnd. 16 character alpha-numerical display. 12 key back-lit keypad. 8-bit 12mhz microprocessor 16k ROM, 128 byte ram.
The Acceleration Mode: Lets you time your runs from zero to speed or between any two speeds. Use it to optimize your performance in any speed range. You can also command the VC200 to run over a programmed distance (say a quarter mile) or time or acceleration.
Command the Performance Computer to start the timer when you punch the accelerator, or select the countdown mode and include the effects of your performance into your times.
During the run the VC200 will display time, acceleration, distance or speed. After the run you can check your final speed, time, distance traveled, peak-acceelerattion and peak-horsepower/weight ratio.
The Braking Mode makes it easy to measure stopping distance from any speed.
Concentrate on performance not installation. The VC300 has sensors inside the unit. Unlike conventional speedometers or timers that are spinoff of trip-computer technology, the VC200 is not fooled by wheelspin. In many cases the VC200 can also be used in motorcycles, airplanes, snowmobiles and other vehicles.
Information obtained from the VC200 can be used to plot horsepower, torque and drag curves for optimum performance.
The manual explains how to use the VC200 to measure cornering ability, evaluate your timers and more.
I bought this thing some time ago and never really used it after the first week or so of my new car. It's like new, in the original box with manual. I paid over $300 for it. I'll let it go for $100 plus shipping. You can reach me at (951) 461-8373 if you have any questions.
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Art K6KFH wrote in news:
They haven`t made the 200 in a long time. How old is it and is it updated to the latest spec advailble?? KB (I have been using one for 20 years now. and do like it)
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Kevin Bottorff

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