98 Caraven electrical outlet just went out

Hi, 12 v convenience (cigarette lighter) outlet suddenly not working.
I have a 1998 Caravan, and I was using a small air compressor for tire
pressure when it just quit. I've used it many times before with no
problem, and the outlet only works with the engine running. I tried a
couple of other things in the electric outlet and nothing works. The
rear outlet is also out. I checked all the fuses, and they all look
good. The manual doesn't mention which fuse controls the outlet. I'll
probably have to have it looked at by a pro, but what should I be
expecting to hear that's wrong, so the repair guy doesn'y give me the
run around. I know there's a relay box with more fuses under the hood,
but I don't want to fool with those on my own. When I first bought the
van, used, 2 years ago, the outlets seemed to be not working, then
the next day, the started working on their own, and stayed working
until today. Thanks for any advice.
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Correction: I now remember it may have not fixed itself on it's own 2 years ago, I remember taking the van back into the shop as they "owed" me a power mirror that was bad, and when I got it back, the outlets worked.
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Replace the fuse under the hood in the Power Distribution Center and be on your way!!!. You will see it marked Battery/ign. make sure you install it back into the correct slot.
Glenn Beasley Chrysler Tech
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Thanks much maxpower, I found it where you said it was. I had the cover off the Power Center earlier, but I failed to turn the cover over where I would have seen all the placements for the fuses. I found a spare 20A and I'm back in business, thanks again.
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