Stilo stalling when cold

Please help!
I have just been in to the FIAT garage (again!, but too many other reasons to go into here but have included having entire rear axle
rebuilt after noticing odd tyre wear and heater matrix explosion!). Today it went in for squeeking when I turn right (fixed), ABS,EPS failure (not fixed again(!) and íwe have seen others with the same problem but they canít be fixedí explanation), and stalling when cold (not fixed hence this new topic!).
The car stalls the first (and sometimes second) time that you are coming to a halt once the car has been started from cold. It normally happens in very dangerous situations, when turning right across traffic, and coming up to empty roundabouts with other drivers making assumptions behind! The garage today said that when they took it for a drive it didnít do it to them (ísilly girl driverí thought in head)(well yes(!) I had just driven it to the garage and it did it on the way and now the car is warm). They said that they canít fix it as the computer didnít show up the fault. It has to be electronically fixed and until it shows the fault there is nothing they can do. I asked that if I took it to somewhere else to be tuned would they be able to do it, and I was told íno, it would have to be a FIAT dealerí. So problem is not fixed!
I am sure that it just needs tuning, but this doesnít sound possible on the Stilo due to Italian electronical engineering!
Please help. If you have had the same problems could you let me know if and how you have got it sorted!
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