1978 Firedbird..Identify Engine..

It needs restoration (interior, paint etc.)
My information from the previous owner is that the engine was swapped for a 350 from a Suburban. (four bolt)
The engine is painted blue. The dipstick for the oil is at the drivers side rear of the block at the firewall. There is no oil filler other than the valve cover oil fill on the passenger side.. It has a four barrel Quadrajet. HEI ignition. Automatic transmission. Looks like Trans-Am steering wheel and silver dash panel, gauges. Rear spoiler.
I have doubts if any engine swap occured (due to other things about the previous owner..)
The engine sounds good and runs strong.
I want to verify that a swap did indeed occur so I can buy parts that will fit that particular engine (New manifold, headers, etc.).
My question is, is there a way to absolutely identify the motor (Chevy or Pontiac) without pulling it? Is there any identifying numbers for maker and where would they be?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Dunno about olds, but the chevy smallblock's waterpump is completely external to the motor, while half of the Pontiac's water pump housing is built into the timing chain cover.
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