99 MERC SABLE - intermittent start problem

My dealer still has the car and is trying to duplicate and diagnose this intermittent problem. Perhaps someone else has wisdom that can help.
AUTO: 1999 Mercury Sable LS sedan, 24V, 58,000 miles.
ISSUE: Cranks and often ignites but idles at low (<500) RPM until engine dies.
OBSERVED SITUATIONS: - Drive car ~20 minutes or more on hwy and city. - Stop car for 5-10 minutes. Quick in/out of a store. - Return to car and try to start. - Car cranks fine, and engine may chug at low RPM, ~350. (The *sound* is similar to a flooded engine struggling to run.) - Repeat start routine, same condition. - Let car sit for 30-45 minutes and it starts and runs fine. - Three events like this in the last 45 days.
SUPPORTING INFO: - Main key ring has SpeedPass RFID stick, but condition occurs with and without this set of keys. - Heat vs Fuel Pumps is known issue. I try to keep >1/4 tank of gas in summer. - When the car starts, it runs perfectly - smooth and powerful. - Dealer replaced Fuel Pump Relay after event #2; then event 3 occurred. - After events 2 and 3, no apparent error codes when connected to computer. - There was once a PATS system error discovered in the log. - I did not think to observe the THEFT indicator during these events. - After complaining of musty smell in climate control, dealer installed "feature" that runs the climate control fan to help clear out the air chambers. - There have been four total events like this within 3 years. First event at 38,000 miles. No start, no fuel pump sound. Sit for 1 hour waiting for tow. Started right up - could have driven it onto the flatbed. Replaced fuel pump (not sure why).
QUESTIONS: - Has anyone observed (and solved) this issue? - Do fuel pumps behave intermittently or do they fail "hard" and not recover? - Any clue why time is my friend with this error? That is, what would change by letting the car sit for 30-45 minutes?
Thanks in advance! NZ
Posted to: alt.autos.ford and rec.autos.tech
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