Out of state ticket!

We're more prone to remember the jerks... The nice people give us a warm fuzzy feeling,,, but we consider those to be one in a million. If I were to meet you on the street, I'd assume you're a bad guy ,, till I saw reason to believe otherwise.. I think it's a sign of the times. Today, I do believe, that kids are not guided, or being raised, but simply "kept alive till they turn 18"... Kids don't know who mom or dad are... I have a distant cousin who is 21 and just gave birth to third kid by 3 different guys... The oldest kid, who is 3 or 4, assumes grandmother is her mother.. These kids will be taught right from wrong... but still not by their parents.. I also think,, that since religion is now a bad thing,, that no morals are being taught.. Like I said in an earlier post, Kids (even "kids" in their 30's) believe that nothing is "wrong" unless a cop sees you do it,, or it's on a security tape.. Kids may be reprimanded for "getting caught" shoplifting... but not for the shoplifting itself.. Also may be a small town thing in my case.. I grew up in a town of 6000 people.. Everyone knew everyone. At age 14 I could have gotten anything I needed, anywhere in town on my on "word" or credit,, even if not legally binding. I cherish my good name, In a small town.. the person you do wrongly,, you will see in barber shop, hardware store, grocery store etc.. Maybe this "helped".. Chuck...

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