2001 Focus Hatchback Tailgate link problem - fixed

I have recorded in a previous post the problem I had with the wiper on the Focus tailgate/rear hatch, with it now returning to the park
position. This was correctly diagnosed as a broken power cable - with the break occurring within the flexible rubber linkage between the body and the tailgate. I thought I would share the broader resolution to the issue of wear at this linkage point.
To resolve the wiper issue, I removed the flexible rubber linkage, only to find one broken cable (the wiper power) but also a number of others where the insulation had cracked and some already fraying wire. In addition, I found the reinforced rear washer hose had also split at this point, and sending fluid back into the roof lining - so it was timely that I caught these problems. I tried to locate some reinforced hose to put a patch into the line to replace the damaged hose, but was unable to buy any at my local Ford Dealer, despite them spending quite a bit of time looking for options. I then went to a local independent garage, to see if I could pick up some Automotive wire to patch around the breakages, but whilst there, he provided me with a length of copper brake pipe, suggesting I patch this into the hose line. By working the roof liner at the back away from the rear hatch seal, you get access to the hose coming up to the rear washer. I cut the hose at the point where it had split in the linkage, then cut the hose under the roof liner (to the left) then placed a cut length of break pipe between, under the roof liner. Make sure you get enough break pipe, as mine was a little tight in length to allow a good seal insertion into both hose lengths, plus giving the additional new length necessary to extend the hose to the washer nipple in the rear brake light fitting. No problems apparent since completion.
As for the wiring, I again cut the damaged wires under the roof liner, cutting them at the other side of the linkage, by removing the top clipped panel (inside behind the rear brake light fitting) - it has three clips, and pulls off. I then threaded through replacement, appropriately sized wire between the two cut points, physically joining the wires and soldering them, followed by heat shrink over the joint (put the heatshrink over the wire before you solder the joint, then move over the joint and heatshrink).
Jobs a good un - I think!
I actually got the Automotive Wire from www.iem-services.co.uk, who sell 1M lengths at a sensible price.
Paul R
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