1992 olds won't start and other problems

Hello Everyone ,I'm new to the group,but I have assessed it to help me.I'll start from the beginning.This is a 1992 Oldsmobile,Regency 98
with 150,00 mile Love the vehicle,and I'm not ready to let go or give up.I am also trying to avoid the GM dealers because there is a cost restraint. I am mechanically inclined.I had a small gas leak in the tank whenever I put in more that half of tank it leaked at the seam.So when I had enough of the smell, I bought a new tank and fuel pump.I did
have a problem with the sending unit,it was coming apart so i put some wire around it to hold it together.I also had to cut the gasline because of limited space,and i re-attached them with rubber hose and clamps.i re-assembled and drove a block.the car cut off.it had been sitting for a while so i did not have a charge on the battery,i had to use my power pack to try and restart, it would start but when i removed
my foot from the accelerator it would cut off.so being alone i could not get out of the car while giving it gas,i left the battery booster connected and reversed back to me home.so in that short distance when i
got in the driveway i removed my foot and it idled fine.THAT had been an ongoing problem for at least a year.I did research on this problem and narrowed it down to the Idle Air Control,so i decided to replace it.the old one and the port was full of carbon.I cleaned the port good and installed the new IAC the car started and ran very well the idle was the smoothest in years.I did not drive the car i only let it idle.i
also had a very bad vacuum problem at my power brake booster,recent problem,(more research)told me this had to be replaced, so no problem and i came this far,I figured get all problems out of the way.So while the car is idling I start taking apart the interior apart to access the
booster screws under the the dash board.About 10-15 minutes into this and the car start to idle rough and cuts off.like it ran out of gas.I continued to remove the booster.now I'm re-assemled and I'm haveing a hard time starting the car it will idle for about 10 sec, and die than it will just crank like its out of gas and it cranks like it wants to catch but doesn't.And now it appears that I have some kind of electrical problem when the door is open the interior lights are going off and on and and i hear a clicking sound as this is happening it appears to be an electrical short somewhere i did not have this problem
so i'm wondering could something be wrong at the tank??I ready to drop the tank and replace the sending unit,that was the only electrical part
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