snow tires

I can't imagine it would hurt the car - main problem would likely be with them wearing out too fast, I think they usually have a pretty soft tread compound..
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Robert Hancock
I had all season radials on my Impalla 2000,
and I would change to snow tires every winter. As I live in a snow
belt area, and we get our fair amount of snow.
Last year I just decided to keep my winter snow tires on the car and
have not found any difference in driving during the summer with them
on. Not as quiet, as the summer radials , but I soon got so used to
the tires It makes no difference to me now.
The winter snow tire tread design, are almost the same as the all
season ones.
Now i am thinking why not just use the winter tires all the time and
forget about changing them every season.
I did ask a couple of auto mechanics if this could cause a problem
with the car and they just cant think of any reason why it would.
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Fuddy :-O
I also live in the snow belt and I stopped buying snow tires over 10 years ago. I use good all-season radials on both my 4x4 and my car and I don't have any problems. I started doing this after the owner of the tire store that I have dealt at for 30+ years told me to stop wasting my money on snow tires. I guess if you go into really deep snow, then snow tires would make more sense.
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Rich B
On Tue, 29 Jul 2003 17:38:25 -0500, "Fuddy :-O" wrote:
It won't do any mechanical damage to the car. The tread compound will be worn thru within a few months, but it won't damage your car.
I usually pop my summer tires off and throw the winter tires on just before Christmas, and remove them in late April. While I don't need them for usual driving, my wife drives the car, and I have, on occasion, had the problem with driving on ice.
When I buy tires, I do get used tires (cos I have extreme problems keeping sharp objects out of my rubber), and the guy wanted to sell me snows for summer - he tried saying that I would get better traction. That traction is at the expense of wear and noise.
For your Impala, I'd recommend keeping the P225/60R16 on as summer tires, and going to P215/65R16 or even 205/75R14 (if you can find the rims and the brake hardware will clear the smaller rim - any help out there for that concept?) as the winter tires. The wider tread will help you in the summer keeping the wheels on the road, and the the additional weight per width will help you bite thru the snow in the winter. It goes without saying that anyone who has winter and summer tires should have 2 sets of rims so that 1) you aren't paying the tire shop everytime you need to change the tires - you can do it yourself, and 2) you are not stressing the tire everytime you change the rims.
I've also noticed that 2 sets of tires will save you money in the long run as the tires last more than twice as long (dunno how, but it's the truth for me)
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I've found that * new * snow tires wear quickly in summer months, but * worn, but safe * snow tires wear well. I use snow tires on the rear of my summer car. Tread patterns vary, some very aggressive snows growl, but most only make a subtle hum.
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In 25 years of driving through Chicago winters I never owned a set of snow tires and did just fine driving through deep snow.
With FWD and all season radials thats all you need.
Goodyear Regatta II's here and 80,000 mile treadlife.
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Harry Face
The main difference is your braking. The snow tire has less road surface contact due to the tread being open for traction. The compound is softer on some that were designed for ice and does wear much quicker. If you have 4 wheel antilock brakes better run them all around if you want your brakes to work properly.
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