1998 EX V-6 Accord Dies & Restarts

While driving down the interstate yesterday my car which has 135,000 miles
is briefly dying...like only long enough to make my radar detector shut off
and turn right back on. The engine starts right back up without any action
on my part. The whole thing takes like .5 seconds to die and restart. The
motor is definitely dying because all the dash lights light up and then go
off. It happened once last week when I was pulling into a parking lot and I
thought that maybe my idle was set too low. But this was on the interstate
at 80 mph. So that would rule out the engine starving for gas. (I think!)
Any ideas. This is my work car and I can't afford a huge repair bill!
Figured I would ask here first then take to dealer if we can't figure it
I have been good about oil changes and have had the timing belt
replaced...so I am up on maintenance. Maybe plug wires? I don't know.
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Mike Menard
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"Mike Menard" wrote in news:Zk0Zf.23956$VE.3264@dukeread05:
Ignition switch, probably.
Besides the relevant TSB, how heavy is your keychain? Try removing the key itself and driving like that for a while.
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That may make sense. I checked the resistance of the ignition coil this morning and it is within specs. So that is not it.
My keys are heavy. I will lighten the load and see if that helps.
Thanks a million.
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Mike Menard

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