2001 Accord EX V-6 Hazard Lights/blown fuse?

Hello All,
I humbly submit my question. Well what happened was, I went out to my car tonight at around 10:00 and the hazard lights are flashing. The last time I drove car car was the night before, and I'm sure I would have noticed leaving them on (not that I ever turn them on).
So anyway, I shut them off and am able to start the car no problem, but now I'm wondering if this could be some funny way of the car letting me know there's something wrong with it. As a safety thing, my dad's cadillac will open the trunk and the gas cap if the battery is running low (or in his case, a faulty alternator). The car seems to be fine, but now that this has happened I'm not sure if during normal operation, the digital clock is supposed to have a backlight because it definitely doesn't (radio and a/c displays still do when i turn them on). That's why I think it might be a fuse thing. I can check fuses, and I can use a voltmeter, but beyond changing air filters and tires there isn't much I know how to do with a car, and I don't have a trusted mechanic cuz I just moved about 3 months ago.
On a completely unrelated note (and sorry as I'm sure this breaks the posting rules) I've went to two different places to get an oil change and have asked them to change my PCV valve, and they've told me that my car doesn't have one. That just doesn't seem right. My accord meets LEV and CARB standards, am I really supposed to beleive it has no PCV Valve? Regardless, I've tried to find the damn thing and can't.
Well, thanks to anyone that takes the time to try and help me. I'm available for computer and accounting related advice on the both the google and yahoo boards.
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Hi there.. Not sure about the flasher problem,but the backlight for the clock should be lit,I guess I should say there is one.I usually tap mine lightly and it comes back on.If not,simply pry the bottom of the light(the trim below the clock panel) with a dull instrument,not to damage your dash. A light pry upwards and the panel will come off,allowing you to change the bulb. Good luck.
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