2008 Honda Accord headrest

I bought a new 2008 Honda Accord. I am a very slim guy and the
headrest sticks and angles forward so much it is pushing the back of
my head forward. Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do? I
do not want to get a cushion for the seat back as the seats are nice
and I hate to cover them up. Honda made the posts on the new Accords
curved (they mate to a safety device within the seat that pushes them
even more forward if you get rear ended) so they can not be turned
around. I cannot bend the post at the top as the post tubing is so
thick and the headrest is pretty much sealed around the posts so I
cannot take it apart. Ideas?
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For what it is worth my understanding is that this design is appearing across most car lines. My wife has the same problem. She cannot get comfortable in 2000 or newer Volvos because of the same issues. We have a 2007 Accord because the seats fit her. Not so with the 2008 accord. I believe the design improves the score the ergonomic dummy shows in the IIHS rear end crash test. There was a large disparity between cars in this test during the 2006-2007 test cycle and in order to score high on this test manufacturers are redesigning their seat backs. If you happen to have a build/posture that makes the seats uncomfortable you don't have any real choice but to look for a make/model that is comfortable. The head rests are not adjustable and replacing the seats does not make sense given all the electronics and airbags in newer seats. Whether this redesign will have a significant impact (pun not intended) on neck injuries in the real world I don't know.
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Don't know if it will help, but I put a little lumbar pillow on the drivers seat, position it just above my belt whenever I get in.
Suppose I could put on a couple of velcro stickers, now that I mention it!
You might find some other little seat-ad-ons that would make it more comfortable.
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