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Well Hi ya'll it's me AsiaAnne again and I was wondering~We all know I love
my 1997 Honda Accord but I have been in 5 accidents since I moved here and
the people do drive like idiots pulling in front of me basically and I can't
stop in time but I have 18" chrome wheels and I have low profile Perellis on
her so should I invest in some "Green Stuff" brake pads or do you have any
suggestions on the best brakes a Honda like mine can have? I know the tires
have something to do with it but they are very expensive tires so there has
got to be some sort of stuff I can get to atleast TRY to stop better~Thanx :)
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HondaGurlll via
My suggestion is that perhaps you should slow down and drive defensively. You appear to be unfit for being in control of a moving vehicle.
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Brian Smith
If you have been in 5 accidents already you don't need new or better brakes , you need to stop driving or maybe glasses !
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In article ,
I have just the product for you. It's called Windex. Get some, wash your windshield with it, throw your cell phone in the trash, and your problem should be solved.
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Jim Mowreader
Aside from the obvious - slowing down - I'll bet you still have the standard size (front) brakes.
Green Stuff pads, drilled and/or slotted rotors are not the solution, as all these do is attempt to make a barely adequate system work more efficiently at a higher heat level.
Better brakes come from greater surface area and heat dissipation capability ie bigger diameter and sometimes thicker rotors. Larger brake pads means different, preferably twin pot, calipers. For example, if your brakes are 260x25mm, put in a 275x25 or 300x28mm rotors. Thicker rotors need suitable calipers.
If your Accord is a 4 cyl, check if the V6 model has bigger brakes. Its not difficult (just expensive) to adapt brakes from another vehicle to your Accord. Some machining of adapters will be required, and you may have to change the master cylinder (bigger diameter) to support the new calipers. If you have lots of money, look into a Brembo solution.
You will also likely need to adjust the front rear brake balance. The simplest way to start is to put softer pads on the rear.
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discusses brake updates for Mitsubishi vehicles, but the principle is the same for Hondas.
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Stewart DIBBS

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