15 year old Pug first breakdown

I needed to move stuff to the tip/recycling on Saturday so I took out
the standard emergency toolkit from the boot.
I didn't put it back on Sunday.
Today I headed off to work. I got 1/4 of the way there and was working
my way down the gears at a roundabout on a fast-ish bypass when suddenly
the gearstick decided that it'd like to be free to go where it wants
rather than being bound by the usual 6 conventional positions it is
restricted to.
Obviously linkage gone somewhere and I'm not ideally placed so I lift my
clutch foot a little and work out that I'm still in third. A pull away
onto the roundabout in third with a diesel 1.8 isn't really a problem
and a haul up 100 yards later in a layby is fine.
A lift of the bonnet finds that the short top link has come adrift and
ain't going back on for more than a single change.
I reckon that a temp fix with cable ties will get me trough until I can
get the part.
About the emergency toolkit.....
I have family green flag cover.
The local green flag agent saw the problem and went to get the cable
ties without any prompting from me. The paperwork took longer than the
temp fix.
The new rod should be ready for pickup on the way home tomorrow. I look
forward to braying the hell out of the old one to get it off the other
end and to lovingly and gently persuading the new one on at both ends
with a gentle tapping and the invention of some new swearwords
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In article , snipped-for-privacy@ubht.swest.nhs.uk says...
Indeed, and I sent an email to green flag giving some nice feedback. I've honestly never had a bad experience with Green Flag. They've had me back on the road three calls out of the 4 car stoppers I've had in the last dozen years. The 4th was a company Rover 400 that blew the cylinder head gasket on the M40 and noone could have got that back on the road.
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