happy new Miata owner

Emerald Green 2004 LS, with a 6speed, sport package, tan top & seats. dealer
didn't have red but they gave me a deal on this one. I am very very happy
with it and want to thank everyone in this forum. happy driving:)
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Cinnamon Pham
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That sounds beautiful!
I'm curious, did you consider the Mazdaspeed Turbo? Barring rebates / discounts, seems an amazing value compared to the LS, no?
Chris 92BB&T
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Chris D'Agnolo
Hi Chris,
Unfortunately the mazdaspeeds are selling for sticker price, and I am not prepared to pay retail for any vehicle. I got the LS for $24,000 including the $1,000 incentive and plus tax, title, freight, processing. Compared to the mazdaspeeds' sticker price of $27,000+, and doing a side by side feature comparison, I still can't justify the extra $3,000. also, i wasn't
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Mortgage Corner
and I am not
$24,000 including
Compared to
side feature
Three thousand over?!? Everything I've read indicated that the price would only be about $900 over the LS price.
The Car & Driver article in the April issue stated that the price for the MS was $26,020, with the LS priced at $25,193. That's $827.00 more.
I think that dealer added a few extra dollars here and there....
Iva & Belle.) '90B Classic Red.) #3 winkin' Miata
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The dealer did. Window etching, which I couldn't delete. Pin stripe (ugh) which I didn't have to take. My wife wanted leather which we got. There was a $1250 premium on the car (whatever those charges are called) but it was waived because I had bought 2 other Miatas there and was a member of the Miata club that usually meets at the dealership. So I was told anyway. Sure I wish it had cost $20,000 instead but my wife's happy and I'm going to autocross it this Saturday when we set up the course for Sunday. Yeehaw!! Still don't know what class the SCCA is going to put it. Les '99 Blue CS
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