Mazda Miata parts dealer online?

I have a local Mazda dealer that refuses to sell me simple parts
without ordering them. The excuse is that they don't have the parts in
stock, but I'm sure their own mechanics have everything they need. The
last straw was when I asked for four bolts, the kind on the
transmission pan and many other locations and they said I had to order
them (and they never called me to let me know when they arrived).
I don't mind paying dealer prices for genuine Mazda bolts, hoses, and
other special parts. I've had decent luck buying aftermarket
accessories online. Does anyone know a good Mazda dealer that will sell
*all* Miata parts online and ship within the US?
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Is this a troll? Of course, parts are routinely ordered by dealer service departments. They cannot keep every part in stock for every model of every year.
There are some dealers online,,, (?) But while they may have bigger selections, they too often need to order parts from elsewhere.
Can you give us your opinion of the rough number of parts a dealer would need to keep in stock to be able to immediately replace any failed part in every factory model of the last ten years? We are curious.
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Leon van Dommelen
My hardware store has sufficient stock in about six feet of aisle display. But the reason I don't buy their bolts is I don't know the rating and I don't trust whatever rating they might tell me (because they can so easily be deceived by the manufacturer).
So I suppose I would say that about 10 square feet of stock space would be required to stock every conceivable metric bolt ever made for Mazda. O rings and gaskets might take 5 square feet. Hoses another 10 square feet. Mufflers, pipes, headers, pistons, etc. might take another 50 square feet. I'll let them go on the engine blocks and body panels. We have junkyards for those.
In other words, they could keep sufficient stock in the spare space between their front counter and their rear display wall, which is currently completely empty and is approximately 300 square feet of floor space.
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I forgot to say "Thanks" for those URLs. I'm sure one or more of them will be a good online parts department for my '96.
A couple had the cam angle sensor O ring listed on their parts pages, which is not a regular maintenance item (much like the PCV valve grommet) but should be replaced on a ten-year-old engine, due to hardening of the rubber/plastic and resultant oil/air leaks.
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I have ordered many times from all 3 of the places he listed and I actually pick parts up from Mazda South. At least one of these three distributors have always had any parts I needed in stock so far.
They did have to order a shock tower mount for a friend, but that is not a very common item to replace.
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Your hardware store does not stock every part of every mazda of the last ten years.
For the 1996 Miata, there are about 3600 different part numbers listed. Slightly more than the amount of different screw specs available at your hardware store, I would think. And those parts are likely slightly larger. I know the part list is not complete; I cannot find some of them, so I assume it does not include the non Mazda parts sourced from elsewhere. Add the parts from other NA models. Add the parts list from the NB models. Add the parts list from the NC model. Add the parts lists from the other Mazda models. You do the math. Include the cost of cataloging, storing, and managing all those tens of thousands of parts in the remote possibility that they may eventually be needed.
The local dealer is getting a replacement connector for the ignition system of my NC. Nobody in the US had one; a dealer in Canada had one, but the wrong one. Nobody stocks all parts.
It appears that you are surrounded by bad people; dealers that do not store the parts you feel they should, bolt manufacturers faking bolt ratings, etcetera. My condolences.
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Leon van Dommelen

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