New Miata (er, MX-5)

My '96 died, as I reported earlier. It was dying a slow death, then the
engine gave out. I sold the remains today. I suspect it will be junked. I
also suspect it would pay somone to put an engine into it. I just wasn't up
to it. Tomorrow, I'm flying to LA to complete the purchase of a 2004
Titanium Gray Mazdaspeed, 40K miles, with various FM upgrades, driving back
to Dallas. I toyed with getting a 2006 or 2007 Mazdaspeed6, or even a 2010
Mazdaspeed3 (they're just too bizarre looking) but in the end went back to
the MX-5. The only thing I'm a little worried about is whether the 6-speed
is too much of a pain in the ass in traffic.
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Frank Berger
I admit I often with my 6speed do a 2nd to 4th or 4th to 6th, I know its lazy but ......
PS Enjoy your new motor :)
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* Frank Berger wrote in
I have a 25 mile drive from allen to farmers branch and while traffic does suck, the 6 speed is no worse than a 5 ;)
I have a 2007 MX-5 PRHT
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Good choice! What a blast that drive is going to be! I doubt you will mind having 6 gears but you probably WILL wish 6th was a taller cruising gear! I know, I keep bringing this back up but it's one of Mazdas biggest mistakes on the NA,NB and NC cars IMHO.
Give us all the details when you get back!
Chris 99BBB
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Chris D'Agnolo
In article ,
You do understand why, right? With the NA and NB, we'd be downshifting for minor hills on the Interstate if top gear were taller, because we'd still be on the soft side of the torque peak. It's unlikely much if any fuel would be saved, since it would require larger throttle openings to maintain speed, even on the flat. Certainly, top speed would not benefit. I suppose it might be slightly less noisy, but hey, it's a roadster. I guess the NC could use a taller final drive, since it has plenty of beans and it's not much of a roadster anyway...
Maybe you bought the wrong car? A nice Camry, perhaps?
(I'm just yanking your chain, Chris.)
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Lanny Chambers
Greeting from Deming, NM. Couldn't quite make my goal of El Paso. The car is really awsome. The desert is truly beautiful as is the sky at night. Top down all the way so far. With the FM upgrades, she supposedly does around 200 HP at the wheels. Whatever, she's plenty quick. With 75 MPH speed limits much of the way, I was comfortable crusiing at 85-90. I did hit 110 on the speedo briefly. Not sure how accurate it is with the 215/40/17 Azenis Rt-615s. Had some traffic getting out of LA. Didn't find the 6 speed any more of a pain than the 5, as someone suggested would be the case.
The only thing the seller didn't get ready was wiring the Prosport Air/Fuel gauge so that it doesn't have to be reset manually every time you start the car. He couldn't figure out the wiring. Will have to work on that.
On to Dallas tomorrow.
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Frank Berger
Sounds like the FM Little Enchilada package. Not that I obsessively monitor the FM website or anything...
formatting link
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Fixed on the NC2 '09 & '10 (taller final gear).
The 5MT is a sequential gearbox (lends itself to 1-2-3-4-3-4-5). You're driving a 5MT without thinking about it very quickly.
The 6MT is more like a gearbox buffet (1-2-4-3-5-4-6) The 6MT will sometimes leave you, just momentarily wondering, am I in 5th or 3rd, because the engine has such a wide powerband.
Both good trannys, though some are notchy, (particularly the earlier 6MTs) so do your test drive on a cold and a warm engine.
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Pretty good characterization of the 2 transmissions. On the 5 speed, I didn't use 5th unless the traffic was light, because I'd just have to downshift all the time. On the 6 speed, when you slow down in traffic you still have enough power to get going again. (I know that's what you just said). I hit the rev limiter twice today. It's only 6500. Not sure if that's only the Mazdaspeed or any MX-5 with a 6 speed. I also found myself going 1-2-3-4-6 getting on the interstate.
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Frank Berger
Here are the mods, as per the seller:
Product Retail Price
Flyin Miata Mid Pipe and Exhaust $599.00
Flyin Miata downpipe/catalytic $335.00
Flyin Miata Mazdaspeed complete intake kit $595.00
Flyin Miata O2 modifier $124.00
Prosport 52mm Premium Electric Boost Gauge $81.99
Prosport 52mm Premium Air Fuel Ratio Kit $239.00
TOTAL $1,973.99
I haven't figured out the Prosport gauges yet. The air/fuel ration seems to read 14 under zero accelration. Under accel or decel the needle bounces around. The boost is supposedly set at 9.5 (stock is 7.5), but I don't know what the gauge is supposed say when. It would be nice to figure out the wiring so I don't have to reset the gauges every time I start the car.
Thompson Automotive Nautilus compact air horn $41.95
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Frank Berger
"Lanny Chambers" >
I hear that argument all the time but I'm far from convinced. 1000 rpm's lower at cruising speed would, imho be completely livable and better in every way. When did you ever meet a Miata enthusiast that minded an occasional downshift? I wish I knew enough about transmissions to know how hard it would be to simply change 5th gear a bit taller.
cd 99BBB
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Chris D'Agnolo
"Frank Berger" wrote in message > Top down all the way so far. With the FM upgrades, she supposedly does
Sounds great! That's allot of power! Should be quite a hotrod!
Chris 99BBB
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Chris D'Agnolo
The 6-speed runs 4,000 rpm at 80 mph. Unless I'm mistaken, my dearly departed 5-speed also ran 4,000 rpm at 80 mph, in 5th gear. Sure, a little quieter cruising at 80 would be nice for conversation and listening to music. I did downshift to 5th a couple of times on my trip home until I figured out it wasn't necessary. I'm not sure which setup I'd choose.
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Frank Berger

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