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Whatever KBB and NADA say its worth. There is no collector or unique value associated with any Miata other than perhaps a Sunburst or BRG in absolutely stock and mint condition. Beyond that, Miatas are too plentiful to have any value above book and the book will make the appropriate adjustment for the low mileage. Also, low mileage isn't as important on a Miata as they may be on some other vehicles. Lots of 100K+ Miatas that still run like new and if properly maintained, still handle likewise.
Tom 92 Red
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Tom Howlin
I have to disagree somewhat with Tom said but, for regular people he might be right but for miataphiles, any color other than Red is worth extra money. Each color has a slightly different 'extra' value. Even that probably varies somewhat regionally. Before the "RED GUYS" attack me for saying that thier cars aren't worth anything, HOLD UP! I didn't say that, the fact is that Mazda made allot of red ones, they are very 'common' and that hurts thier value some (IN MY EXTENSIVE, NEVER-ENDING SHOPPING RITUAL FOR MIATA'S). I would add that a beautifully maintained red miata, to the right buyer could sell for every bit as much as any other color. Don't shoot the messenger please.
Also, I'd add that one persons "excellent condition" can be a world different from another persons interpretation of "excellent condition"
Chris 92BB&T
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Chris D'Agnolo
In article , says...
I see plenty of Miata on the road, as well as parked, and red is not the most common color. I would say that there is really no one color that is more common than any other. ---------- Alex
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Alex Rodriguez
By 1997, there were 84,196 red miatas. The next highest number was 32,466 UC White miatas. That makes more than twice as many M1 miatas in red than in any other single color. The most common color for the M2 so far is Emerald Green (16,756), with Red following in 2nd place (12,042). Out of 309,305 miatas, 96,238 came from the factory painted red. I think that makes red the most common/popular color for the history of the car by a large margin.
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Our local club has almost all the colors- it is interesting that the proportion of red cars is much higher in m-1's than m-2's. Recall that originally, the car was introduced only in red, white and blue.
Mine is silver mostly because when I went shopping, only silver, black, and the 10th Anniversary blue were available, and I didn't think the 10AE was worth the extra $3500, and the black didn't have LSD.
Joe Silver '99
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Uh...yah..uh hmmm ;-D She has a name! Maybe that's why she posted w/o my permission ;) ~Cissy :-)
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