2000 Protege ES Timing Belt

Hello all,
I need to change the timing belt on my 2K Protege ES. I have purchased the
belt and have studied the appropriate procedure in the Haynes manual. Has
anyone here tackled this job on a 20xx lineage protege? I'm curious to know
any probs, advice, or other info you feel might be useful.
TIA for all replies.
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Captian Coleman
This isn't a website its a newsgroup.
The haynes manual will tell you enough info on changing the belt, its not that hard to do. Advice remove spark plugs for easy moving of the cranksht or cam if necessary.And this will also help in keeping the cam's from moving. Make sure and have everything on Top Dead Center, before removing the belt.
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Once you get the crankshaft and cam marks aligned at TDC, I suggest you use a marker pen and make marks which align one tooth on each cam gear with it's respective tooth on the belt and do the same for the crankshaft pulley. Once you pull the belt, carefully transfer the marks to the new belt and ensure these align when you put the new belt back in. If it's done right, the alignment marks for TDC will, of course, be right. I think it's easy to be off by a tooth and get confused by what is really correct. This method (which I have used several times....most recently on a 97 Protégé 1.5L) seems pretty much foolproof.
The poster that suggested taking the plugs out was absolutely correct. There will be some spring action from the camshafts that you have to deal with to get the belt to go on properly. Your engine might have flats on the camshafts for alignment with an adjustable wrench. This makes the job go a lot easier.
Fortunately, it's not rocket science.
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