An explanation of diesel prices

Supply and demand requires a free market. Collusion between suppliers destroys this. ___________________________________________
How can you have a free market when states like Kalifornia haven't let the oil companies build a new refinery in 25 years? It will be just like when the lights finally went out here. For years experts were saying that Kalifornia was going to run out of genearting capacity but the "greenies" kept blocking any attemps to build new generation facilities...and sure enough, two years ago wh the blackouts started and Kalifornia had to buy power from outside sources and prices went crazy.....well, guess what. Now there are many new generating plants under construction and/or coming on line. Plus they have stepped up the building of windmill generators...and now no more power problems and prices have stabilized or gone down. When it gets to the point that gasoline is unavailabe and/or priced out of reach of the average comuter....then you will see more domestic oil production. Just like what happened when the electrical power went off.
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