2004 Mini S Oil Filter Removal

My 2004 MCS Just went off warranty and now I am doing my own
changes. Problem is that the oil filter housing refuses to turn even
with the shallow 36mm socket and a long socket wrench for a fair amount
of torque.
Any suggestions in getting this housing off without breaking it?
Should the engine be hot? I have tried when it was only warm. There
isn't much room to work in this area.
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Metal expands when hot. You may also want to google mini s oil change. I know there is a web site which offers a step by step procedure. I had the site bookmarked but as luck would have it, I removed it last week.
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Thanks for the help.
The website was helpful.
Making the break when the engine was close to operating temp made the difference.
I have been changing oil and filters myself for 40 years but this was the most difficult.
Next time it will take 20 minutes.
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Don Olsen

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