Can you repair Run Flat tyres

On our 3rd set of run flat tyres (Dunlop SP Sport 3000A* 87 ROF).
Noisy and harsh
Only 20k miles of girly driving (wife's car) per set, doesn't seem right.
I used to get double that on my 306GTD and fast country lane driving too.
Picked up a nail, just 1 month old fronts.
Tyre man says "can't plug it, invalidates insurance".
I seem to remember them plugging the 1st set over a year ago.
Have the "rules" changed?
Or is he trying to get more sales?
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Geoff Cooper
Its an inch or so in from the outside edge, just a nail hole. Apparently BMW say (in the owners handbook) that its not safe.
So there we are, £120 tyre for "environmental disposal". Surely it would be more environmentally friendly to repair. The easiest form or recycling?
BTW Ross, our nearside headlamp motor doesn't work either. Must be a common fault. Thanks Geoff
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Geoff Cooper
Take it down to your local ATS (or any other local friendly back street tyre dealer), they have a chart on the wall showing where the repair can be done, legally.
I had a couple of nails last year, they plugged it for a tenner each time, cash in hand.
Headlamp motor, nope, never heard of one fail, should be a warranty job by your local mini dealer.
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If the nail went in the tread .. it can be repaired in most cases, but, if it went in the sidewall, then its scrap and they wont repair it, because there is more movement in the sidewall than any other part of the tyre, cornering, braking accelerating etc, so any patch or plug would eventually come off or leak, HTH Fitzy.. (the real one)
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