I was driving down HWY 404 in Toronto and was almost getting killed by
a stone ripping the 17" alloy wheels of my MINI Cooper S. I called
MINI customer service and they told me off. They can't do anything. I
think its redicilous that MINI makes such poor quality wheels that
blows up like paper. Anyone who saw this told me MINI standard wheels
are very unsafe and I am lucky I am not killed and not writing this
post from grave.
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This has to be a troll. It looks like you hit a huge cinder block. Nothing defective about the wheels or the tires by the look of the damage there. It is probably a testament to the stability of the Mini that you are alive, and instead of blaming the car you should be thanking BMW for making such a fantastic, safe vehicle.
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Also, how fast were you going? You do have run-flat tires...
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El Gordo
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Shame it didn't do the job properly, one less illiterate Canadian wanker would be a result in anyone's book.
There is fuck all wrong with the wheel, the testament to that is that you're still able to post your inane ramblings to usenet.
Mini Customer Service didn't go far enough IMO, they should have asked you to return the car with the keys as you're obviously too thick to own a car.
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