Service Mileage Reset

I have a problem resetting the service indicator on a 2002 Mini. I have
a FAQ about holding the trip counter light in while turning the ignition
to position 1 and waiting for code 15 to come up, etc. All I get is "test"
followed a few seconds later by "51". I thought 15 was a typo for 51 and
finished the proceedure, but the cluster never showed a "reset" in the
lower corner, and the whole process was a failuer.
What am I doing wrong?
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Bob Smitter
These are the insturctions that have worked for me:
1. Push in Trip button and hold. 2. Turn ignition key to position 1 and 15A will appear to left of mileage. 3. Release Trip button. 4. Wait 3 seconds. 5. Push Trip button and hold. 6. Wait 5-8 seconds for RST to appear in left corner. 7. Release Trip button. 8. Push Trip button and hold. 9. 15000 (or kilometer equivalent) will appear as new service interval. 10. Release Trip button.
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