2000 GT rear pinion seal leaking

Wanted to know two things:
1. How much should a pinion seal replacement cost approx?
2. It's not leaking a huge amount right now, so how many miles can I
squeeze out without doing damage to the rear? (I may be selling the
car anyway).
I'm just assuming that without a lift, the effort to drop the shaft in
the garage and dick around with the differential bearings, etc, etc
would be too much of a pain to DIY .
2K GT black 'vert
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It cost me about $120 on '97 at the local ford dealership many years ago. It wasn't worth all the hassle to do it myself.
Infinite if you keep the oil level topped off and the leak rate doesn't increase.
From what I remember it's not only a hassle without the lift but some special tools specifically for working on the diff are required.
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Stupid question (sorry), but where is the fill hole for the diff liquid? Never had to do this yet.
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It should be on the side near where the 'snout' meets the 'pumpkin' I can't remember if it is on the passenger or driver side on mine any more.
It's a plug just like on the transmission. Put a 3/8's extension in it and unscrew it. As I recall it's like all ford products, fill to the bottom of the fill hole while the car is level.
There's a modifer needed for the limited slip, if you replace a lot of oil you'll likely need to replenish the modifer as well.
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