71 Boss 351 help

Hi folks,
I'm restoring a real nice 71 Boss 351 It was a true one owner car &
could use some help regarding details. I used to be an avid reader &
sometime contributor of this group.
I need to find some good photos of the layout of the engine compartment
& the wiring schematics from the fuse block to the front end,....
including the engine.
I know there were a few very knowledgeable folk who used to be in this
group & hope they still might be here.
Info on this car will be very appreciated, thanks in advance, Herman.
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shouldn't be to much different than any other V8 71 mustang.
wonder what ever happened to grampa's "Dragula"
"the story is true,only the names have changed to protect the innocent"
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Herman wrote in news:NMl5h.9706$rG.4466 @tornado.texas.rr.com:
formatting link

formatting link
Nice photo of the engne compartment there. Get it quick - the auction is over.
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Kinda freaky cuz the one I'm working on was a 1 owner low miles in the same color scheme. unfortunately, rats chewed the harness in the engine compartment, it's repairable, but I want to make sure it's correct. As I understand it the Boss 351 was different in a few ways from other Stangs
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