An interesting feature on some new Ford vehicles

I'm not sure which new Ford vehicles have this feature...
press the unlock on your key to unlock the doors, press and hold
a second time, and the windows open.
Seems like a good idea when your car is closed up and parked in
the hot sun. Now, if you also had remote start, and had the A/C on,
You could unlock the doors, open the windows, and the A/C would
kick in and force the hot air out of the vehicle before you get to your
car. Modern marvels.
Dick in MN
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Not such a good idea when it's raining and the button get pressed in your pocket. The Titan has that feature.
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But, but, if it's raining, the unlock button wouldn't be held down unless there was a gremlin in your pocket.
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In article ,
Ha ha ha! over the years I've bent over to pick up something and popped open the trunk, locked/unlocked the doors, set off the alarm. I need to empty my pockets. I leaned way into my other car to get something out and locked the doors.
Although, it does sound like a nice feature.
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It doesn't work on my 2012 Mustang, my 2008 Focus or my brother's 2012 F150.
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