Best Carb and Exhaust for 67 Fastback rebuild ??

Fellow enthusiasts,
A Mechanic friend is helping me rebuild a 67 Fastback Mustang in the UK.
Approaching the final stages after 10 years. Need to make a decision about
the most appropriate Carburettor and Exhaust System. Engine is a 351
Cleveland. Looking at the 650 Edelbrock "Thunder" for the carb and either
"Flowmaster or "Magnaflow" exhaust systems.
Any advice, pros and cons or other input appreciated.
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Thus spake "Toddy" :
Rule of thumb for na engines
CFM = (CID * rpm)/3456
multiple this by your volumetric efficiency.
The 351C is a pretty good engine, call it 90%.
6500 RPM?
(2281500)/3456 (show all your work or lose 5 points)
660 CFM
660 * VE
660 *
594 CFM
So the 650 sounds like just a bit of overkill, but probably the best bet without running out of breath. But make sure you get a good manifold to go with it.
I'm partial to the Flowmaster. But that's me.
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Dillon Pyron

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