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Will Ulmer just noticed Dwight disappeared from Facebook - and then posted some of the RAMFM decals (yes, these were a thing). So I thought I'd stop back by and noticed that it looks like Patrick hasn't been here in a long time either.
I still haven't had a Mustang in about 15 years. I'm always looking for something, but I haven't seen anything worth buying lately. I did miss out on a good deal on a 66 Mustang w/a 289 for $4500 a couple of years ago. But that's the way it goes.
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A Guy Named Steve
It's certainly not like the old days... why I can remember when USENET was a happening place...Hard to believe I first discovered it about 20 years ago when I used to find lots and lots of new 92 Explorer owners like myself hanging out on it. I've still got the Explorer. It's almost broken in....
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Ashton Crusher
You are correct. It has been a long time for me. You should know how to reach me. You can guess the first part
I still have a Mustang in the garage.
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