How can I know if I have keyless remote entry capability?

I just got a 96 mustang gt. How can I know if I have keyless remote
entry capability? I did not get a remote with the car, but I think it
might be capable. If so, I can get a remote pretty cheap, so I'd like
to know. Thanks.
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What would lead you to believe that?
If you have power door locks you can get a remote entry system... You have remote entry, but don't have the fob, I'm not sure how you would ever figure out the right code, unless a Ford service department has some method.
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The most definate way to tell is to pull the drivers side trunk panel, If it has a black panel with a large 4"x4"x6" box attached to the rear side it has the keyless entry system. If it has this box along with a second box which will be tan and is 4"x5"x2" it will have the anti-theft module installed as well.
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What leads you to believe it "might" be capable.... if I'm going to do a bunch of research with MY resources on MY time, I need something more substantial than a wish and a prayer....
Jim Warman
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Jim Warman

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